In Honor/Memory Of

This page is lovingly dedicated to all of those precious ones (2 and 4 legged) who have made a difference in our lives.  We thank you and remember you. Honor of/Memory of Donation Form (download pdf here)

In Memory of–OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2017
Edward Smullen
Diane Pellgrinio

Susan Land
Philip Parsons 36th Birthday

In Memory of–JULY-SEPTEMBER 2017
Mrs. Ellen Eusebio
Spangler Womack
Walt Young
Old Gal & Ginger
William Frances Robert VandeGraff
“Lucy” Townsend
Todd Michael Hudson
William Bowen
Diane Pellegrino
Buddy Orr
Edward Smullen
Mable Thomas

In Honor of–JULY-SEPTEMBER 2017
Missy Clara
Diane Pellegrino
The Marriage of Beth Drawer & Alex McRae
Tony & Carol Muller

In Memory of–APRIL-JUNE 2017
Pepper, Ginger, Muffin, Holly, Fed, Millie, & Schotzi
Tony Rodriguez
Sandy Kennedy
Michael Ferris
Tucker Lederman
Heidi Marie Johnson
Narciso “Tony” Rodriguez
Delmas Byrd Thomas
Cookie Girl
Bella Gordy
Jeffrey Moore
Christine A. Coyne
Chris Gerard
Patricia Taylor

In Honor of–APRIL-JUNE 2017
The Wedding of Teresa Hammerbacher & Ron LeCates
Dr. Gretchen Tripp
Dr. Sarah Sheafur
Christina Coyne
The Wedding of Lou and Judy Rimbach
Andrew and Kim Nock
Maxwell & Mitchell

In Memory of–JANUARY-MARCH 2017
Joshua Webster
Carmen Rodriguez
Vernon McKnight
Woodrow W. Parker Jr.
Regina “Gena” Midgette
Calvin Lee Shrieves
Sampson Vincent
Phillip Scott Pasrons
Heidi Marie Johnson
Woodrow Parker Jr.
Sonja Vanhoose
Barbara B. White
Leslie Street
Harriet Saft
Ivan Curtis

In Honor of–JANUARY-MARCH 2017
Pusskers, Jezebel, & Jack
Maxwell & Mitchell
Arlene White
Patty Leonard

In Memory of–OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2016
Norma J. Schultz
Virginia “Jenny” L. Bradford
Elizabeth Pope
Phillip Parsons
Diane Beach
Sam, Susie, Katie & Jimmy Vincent Nancy Killian
Sandra Jean Hall
Phillip S. Parsons
Clair Frederick
Chris Gerard
Greta Parr Family
Joshua Webster
Carmen Rodriguez

Jake & Schotzi
Tyler Cordrey
Linda Mills
Meta Smith-Davis

In Memory of–JULY-SEPTEMBER 2016
Otis Krauch
Mark Townsend
Margaret Bunty
Don Baker and his dog Max
Dr. Richard Long
Gertrude Noble
Marley Wenrich Agnes Moran
Elizabeth Holland
Jessie Menear
Malory Howard
Nancy Smoot
Joey Legates

In Honor of–JULY-SEPTEMBER 2016
Lynn & Barry Glass

In Memory of–APRIL-JUNE 2016
Sarah Marie Trivits
Emma M. White
Georgie Girl
Jimmy Vincent
Scott Schwartz
Charles “Freddy” Zimmerman
Eugene Trapkin
Fluffy Cat
Kaida Elizabeth Glasgow
Dr. Richard Long
Carol Allen
Chuck Chandler
Bourbon McGee

In Honor of–APRIL-JUNE 2016
PB Vienna
Kacie, Kelly & Nicholetle Dunleavy
Karson Erny’s 1st Birthday
Maxwell & Mitchell
Peggy Battle
Margaret Smith

In Memory of–JANUARY-MARCH 2016
Pepper, Ginger, Holy, Fred, Muffin–Sally Smith’s Dogs
Herbert L, Sanders, Sr.
Skiver Wax Kempis
Richard “Rick” Hudson
Scott Schwartz
Mary Louise Calloway
Jeffrey M. Klinchenstein
Bob Worden
Sarah Foxwell
Raymond Robert Worden
Christian Rheinfeld
Pearl Cunningham
Phillip and Chip Kathy Miller
Uncas BB8
John F. Kundt
Phillip Zaffere
Brandi Oreo and Crickett

In Honor of–JANUARY-MARCH 2016
Andrea Beauchamp

In Memory of–OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2015
Betty L. Brown
Edna Mae Powell
Phillip Parsons’ 34th Birthday
Norman Wayne Smith
Michael Dennis
Buster’s Daddy-Thomas Young
Elizabeth Jones
Lee Ruark
Delores Koveleski
Mary Francis Macon
Linda Gravenor
Alfred Budnichuk
Patton Ruth Mancuso
Miss Bridi
Marilyn Long
Phillip Parsons
Henry P Carroll
Chris Gerald
Oreo and Cricket

In Honor of–OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2015 Penny, Livi, Chuck, Sir Tuffy Alda Owens Camille Joseph Uzabel Carol Cugler Bev Horner Doctors at Peninsula Imaging Cathy Turnbaugh Candice Norcross In Memory of–JULY-SEPTEMBER 2015 Shirley Heiser Ted Goslee Thelma Watson Faye Guiliano Winston Elizabeth Merritt Patsy Serkes Hildi Price Knapp June Railey Stanley Abrams Charles F. George Howard Goslee Michael Kellam Mandy Mugsy Buddy Steve Hoffman Doris Ann Parker Betty L. Brown In Honor of–JULY-SEPTEMBER 2015 Tilly Sam and Carolyn Jenkins 50th Anniversary Dr. Jonathan Bell and Otto Lanta Tyre Penny, Livi, Chuck, and Sir Tuffy Rachel and Reese Wedding In Memory of–APRIL-JUNE 2015 Cricket Malone Jane Adams Connie Littleton Messick Don Nicholson Laurence Brackett Linda Poole Bob Neiswinter Tyler Cordrey Dr. Oswald Burton Peggy White Patches Margaret “Peggy” Fitzgerald Colonel George W. “Buzz” Gehring, Jr Billy Moore Sam. Katie, and Susie Vincent Phillip S. Parsons Shimmer Chester Shirley Abbott Chris Gerald Eunice Faye Guiliano In Honor of–APRIL-JUNE 2015 Penny, Livi, Chuck, and Sir Tuffy Pretty Girl Tilly Daisy (medical fund) Georgia Hudson’s 10th Birthday Meta Smith-Davis Samuel and Carolyn Jenkins 50th Anniversary Gale Dashiell’s Birthday In Memory of–JANUARY-MARCH 2015 Constance “Connie” Maddox Messick William G. “Billy” Moore Soot Phillip Parsons Jean Larner Peggy C. White Jane A. Rassa Adams Samantha Newton Sylvia and Richard Layfield Keith Lambden William M. Watson, Sr. Pauline Warwick Skeeter Trader Don Nicholson Vernon Albert Jones Jr Jean Young Nelda Banks Thelma Watson Rebekah Evans Stephanie Zanich Carole Ann Kelley Minnie Phillip Parsons Margaret Wilson Madalyn Parrott Michael Viner In Honor of–JANUARY-MARCH 2015 Frank and Wendy Martin Andrea Beauchamp’s Birthday Becky Miles 70th Birthday Penny, Livi, Chuck, and Sir Tuffy Grace Disharoon White 70th Birthday Hope Morgan’s Birthday Sydney Stebenne’s Birthday Reed’s 5th Birthday Linda Kunowsky’s Birthday Maxwell and Mitchell In Memory of–OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2014 Michelle Nicole “Micki” Guldan Anna Horton Grace Holmes Scot Weaver Linda Sherman Laurence Brackett Margie Bendler Phillip Parsons (33rd Birthday) Pat Blaine Pauline Warwick Madalyn Parrott Thelma Walston Rebekah Evans Amelia Oakley Tipsy Adam Robinson Thomas “Tommy” Young–“Buster’s Daddy” Ruth F. Sharp Harold L. Lansman Henry P. Carroll Willy Sonia Dobrodey Molly Stephanie Zanick Bridi Niki, Gabrielle, and Jill Jean Young In Honor of–OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2014 Gabrielle Bucy-LaPere’s 10th Birthday Miss Ellie Samantha Crescenze Niki Avery Charlotte Littleton Mr. Detmer–Wicomico Day School Dudley Cathy Turnbaugh Myrna Hackney Claire Piper Cook Physicians of Peninsula Imaging Conger and Hayes In Memory of–JULY-SEPTEMBER 2014 Shaggy Miles Abby Montgomery Lisa Byrd Tipsy Terry L. Zimmer Ken Sensenig Helen Rayne E. Jane Pusey Cody Hankins Dianne W. Dykes Zeke Kimberly and Lynne-Marie Peggy Henderson Adam Robinson Phillip Parsons Sam, Suzie, and Katie Vincent Kenneth Behrens Cathy Goslee Keith Lambden Sammy E. Jane Townsend Claude Hall Scott “Scottie” Weaver Jr. Dave Mathos Margie Bendler Lil Marie Grace Holmes Linda Louise Sherman Michelle Guldan In Honor of–JULY-SEPTEMBER 2014 Cynthia Culick Wedding EJ Foxx (Guest Bartender) Kim Engst Tilly Maxwell and Mitchell Barbara Parsons Patty Conry In Memory of–APRIL-JUNE 2014 Samantha Newton Carole Kelley Sally Smith’s Pets–Pepper, Ginger, Muffin, Holly, Fred, and Millie Vera Ryan Sharon Harrington Cliff Brittingham Deborah Guthermann Marie Waller Will Dashiell Sami Sam, Suzie, and Kate Vincent Anna Patricia Showell Jeanette Griffith Elizabeth Parker Hannah Lexi Fred Marie J Waller Charles Grinnath Lawrence Brackett Katie Sandy Harry Wade Jenkins Hannah Susan Orem Charles Albert “Chuck” Parsons, Jr Calvin J Baker Joanne Davis E. Jane Pusey Duke Shaw Chris Gerald Hilda Dennis In Honor of–APRIL-JUNE 2014 Maxwell and Mitchell-adopted June 2011 Lilly Jenna Greene In Memory of–JANUARY-MARCH 2014 Ruth Sharp Sharon Harrington Banjo Harriett Smith Nichols Ginger Willing Dashiell Dottie Butler Dana Lee Jackson Henry P Carroll Lucy Ruth Shirley Scharpf Sam, Suzie, and Katie Vincent Bruce LaMar Marie Johnson Waller Toni Malick Lucy Ruth Kasha Clifton Brittingham Samantha Newton Lucy Ruth Chuck Shockley and Angel Frances Townsend Jeannette Griffith In Honor of–JANUARY-MARCH 2014 Terri Kelly Andrea Beauchamp’s Birthday In Memory of–OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2013 Robert Kauffman Ellwood Franklin Rodney (Captain Frank) Sissie Florene and Wallace Cooper Harriet Smeyne Daisey Mildred Bosies Joan Collins Phillps Parsons David Livingston, Jr Louise Elliott Ernest John Gibbons Shirley Mae Truitt John Briggs Linda Poole Kyle Fitzgerald Causey Bill R. and Alberta Sunny Brandi Shirley Lowe Patches and Dipsey Our Satin Doll Ginger Ruth F. Sharp Sam Vincent Niki, Gabrielle, and Jill Nielsen Best Friend “Kitty” Betty Williams Colby Sug Phillip Parsons Zooey Ben Foxy, Will, and Beckett Maggi Susan Karhu Eunice Ellis Zoe Susie and Katie Snickers In Honor of–OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2013 Kevin Adams 50th Birthday Cynthia Sharpley and Nicole Schofer Maxwell and Mitchell Margaret Shockley Kaitlyn’s Birthday Carol Cugler’s Birthday Cathy Turnbaugh Richard Long Sonia Dobrodey Doctors of Peninsula Imaging by Employees Daisey, Delilah, and Samson Howard Goslee Addison and Hollen Orr In Memory of–JULY-SEPTEMBER 2013 Barbara E Timmons Elizabeth Matthews Troy Livingston Rudi Martha S Simmons Kimberly Marie Fifer Mr. Hobbs Daisey Buddy and Hershey Cynthia Gore Beatrice Humphrey Banjo Steven B Payne Dorothy Pauline Townsend Smith Mary Louise Phillips Brutis Bologna Robert “Litebub” Kauffman Troy Livingston Louise Phillips Sally Danz In Honor of–JULY-SEPTEMBER 2013 Claire Piper Cook Birthday Buddy Butler Dr. Schultz In Honor Of APRIL-JUNE 2013 Wedding Guests of Susan and Robbi McKee Jack Brittingham’s 80th Birthday In Memory Of APRIL-JUNE 2013 Pepper, Ginger, Muffin, Holly, Fred, Millie Black Lab of Suzy Hanker Edward H Thomas Sister of Vickie Lovett Peppy Jasper Sam Vincent Raymond E Bridge Art Usher Eleanor Lynn Jones Daisey Charlotte Landon Buster’s Grandparents Iva Jane Justice Walter K Neilson Sr Glenn Davis Ernest Collins Doris Martin Susan Tull Evan Frances S. Taylor Michael Ennis Ginger Smith In Honor Of JANUARY-MARCH 2013 Mrs. Ercil Heim Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bointano Mr. and Mrs. Jack Schaffer Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dmuchowski Donna Horsey Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith John and Donna Bozman Dr. Susan Hudson and Staff at Salisbury Animal Hospital Maxwell and Mitchell Nancy Mysak In Memory Of JANUARY-MARCH 2013 Robert Berry Sammy Carolyn Foltz Cyril Barton–Borzoi, Riga Norman E Matthews Tyler Cordrey and Roscoe Shirley and Laverne Joseph A and Evelyn Willett Shirley Scharpf Leo and Miss Haley Robert Ross Horsey Louise V Cooper Suzanne Haslam Elsie Dennis Cannon Jennifer Coburn Virginia Brittingham Dennis Francis Melvin Ben Matthews Malkie Kiva Bailey Brady Sherry Lecates Pauline Gowell Sandy Gus Soleil Susie Ben Matthews Malkie Kiva Bailey Brady Penny–pet of Conner Chloe Theresa S Lally Rodger C Daugherty Sam Vincent and Susie Maggie Isobel Parrish Iva Jane Justice Cindy Dean Dolley Bigley In Honor Of OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2012 Tankasarus Rex Opie Bob Katz Faucett Boo Boo Cliff Cugler Charley Boy Maxwell and Mitchell Ms. Kitty Buster Jack Jill Vincent Cynthia Sharpley and Nicole Schofer Ginger-adopted 2008 Niki, Gabrielle, and Jill Sophie Jewell, Daisy and Chloe Cindi Martin Lulu Peggy Troiano Carol Cugler’s Birthday Dr. Melanie Culver–Johnson-McKee Animal Hospital Pat Derrick Betty Williams Christine Kline In Memory Of OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2012 Reenette Bennett Annabelle Joseph J Sabo Nelson Willey Donna Tingle Clancey Gus Duke Buttons Kitty Boo Bill R. Cosgrove Jean Downing White Clarice Nobbs Alberta Shadow Presley Daisey Anna Mae Wilkerson Joseph “Daddy Joe” Phillip Wright  Sr. Gardiner and Kodibear Pigtail Merrill Evans Kathy Landing Sam Vincent Baby Elsie Dennis Cannon Barney Sunny Millie Henry P. Carroll Iva Jane Justice Max Ginger All our Four Legged Friends Donald Hurley Tom Venables Sam Chris Gerard Gus Patches and Dipsey Carolyn Warren Foltz Iva Jane Justice Hershey and Cocoa Virginia Mary Massey Brittingham Georgia Lee Collins Fiona Mac, Andy, and Gus Tyler Cordrey and Roscoe Sassy and Streaker Bonnie and Clyde Ben Belle, Lucy, Snickers, and Cupcakes In Honor Of JULY-SEPTEMBER 2012 Luv Bug Boo-Boo Molly and Muffin Boots Banjo and Willow Daisey Daisy, Delilah, and Jamson Lisa Miller Linda Cornelius Snowball Tom and Kathy Miller-25th Wedding Anniversary Oscar Gladys Lexi Sophia Dobrodey In Memory Of JULY-SEPTEMBER 2012 Dale and all other cats before her Lynne Marie Fifer Sam Vincent Bill Ross Thomas Teemley Reennette Bennett Raymond Kelley Grace Monte Bradley Cashy Max Gus Grace Williams Carlson Ken and Wendy Aycoth’s cat Lincoln Candy Donald Hurley Jr Anthony R Kozel David Larmore Stanley Smith Leona M Noyes Mattie Donna McKee Davies Zoe Buddy Lester Chandler Joseph J Sabo In Honor Of APRIL-JUNE 2012 Wedding of Bridget DiFrancisco and Christopher Perry Allison’s Birthday Kohout Family Buster’s Grandmother Sarah “Tucky” Frantz Birthday Tyler and Hunter Massey 12th Birthday Max and Mitch Sarah Burtman In Memory Of APRIL-JUNE 2012 Sally Smith’s Dogs–Pepper, Ginger, Muffin, Holly, and Fred Pardner William Francis Brewington, Jr Robert Layton Sharon Sandusky Annabelle Elizabeth (Betty) Hall Lucy Lucie Chester Gus Shadow Leona Dennison Buddy Boy (Kane) Harvey Ranshaw Amos and Lucky Gorman Wayne Wilkins Sam Daisy Frances Townsend’s Dogs Earl Merritt Rocky Dennis Melvin Doris Waller Brodey Chris Gerard Sam Vincent “Boss” the Bunny Schatzi and Missy Shawn Malone Buela Twilley In Honor Of JANUARY-MARCH 2012 Teagan–much loved kitty of Asbury and Donna Parks Daisey Herminia Heyer Drake, Jake, Molly, and Duchess Kimberly and Fluffy Thatcher Gabby and Saydee Meta Smith-Davis (Mother’s Day) In Memory Of JANUARY-MARCH 2012 Tyler Cordrey and his beloved dog Roscoe Mr. Bean– Beloved dog of Pat Evans Joan Shaffer Raymond Taylor Brandi much loved pet of Gertrude Noble Sam Vincent Jackie Meador Abby Ira and Virginia Oursler Lincoln Phillip Scott Parsons Amos and Lucky Louise V. Cooper Bill, Alberta, and Cosgrove Anna Lee Johnson Richard Gordy Sug William’s Wonderful Dogs Charlotte Oakely Landon Joan M. Brewington Duck Gilbert Vastine