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Date Available for Adoption: 05-26-2020

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Let me just tell ya, if you’re the lucky one who gets to adopt Boss, then be prepared to adopt the rest of the staff too. He is a staff/volunteer favorite.

Boss was left on an abandoned lot on a heavy chain. He had little to no social interaction with humans or other animals. When he came to the humane society, he was scared and very shy. It didn’t take him long to warm up to the kennel staff, and his favorite is Momma Nicole. Boss has really come out of his shell. It may take a few visits with him, but it’ll be worth it.

Boss loves to go for walks, he doesn’t pull on leash. He used to pancake in the middle of the road and refuse to walk, but now he knows walks are a good thing. He loves belly rubs, and will plop down just about anywhere to get his tummy rubbed. He is a low-medium energy pup. He will tire out after a nice walk. I think mainly his dream is to become a couch potato. He likes car rides and to stick his head out the window. His favorite is a McDonald’s cheeseburger which he can woof down in less than 30 seconds. Any other food, he will savor and he’s a very noisy eater. Boss has been chillin’ in the office and he loves it. When he isn’t begging for food, he lays down right next to you. He likes puzzles and playing with toys!

He needs a dog savvy owner that will teach him how to dog. The owner needs to set rules and expectations but be fair, and give him the love he deserves. I don’t know if he has ever been in a house before, and his new owner needs to understand that. A lot of things will be new to him and he needs to be taught how to just “be” in a household. If you think you’re the right owner for Boss, fill out an app located on our site under available dogs.


*I am dog selective. I am slowly being socialized to dogs at the shelter.

*We do not recommend Boss into a home with young children.


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