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Buckingham 60970

Date Available for Adoption: 07-28-2023

Date Rescued: 11-29-23

I am a 5 month old, Neutered Male, DSH.

Buckingham is such an amazing kitten. He was treated like royalty by his fosterers then was adopted but came back when the family moved. He says no more fly by nightery he wants to be treated like family. He tested positive for FIV but did you know that kittens born to infected queens may acquire FIV antibodies in colostrum (MacDonald, Levy et al. 2004). Since it is uncommon for kittens to acquire infection from the queen, most kittens that test positive are not truly infected and will test negative when re-evaluated at 6 months of age or older. Cats that have FIV infection are immune deficient but can live an average life span if kept indoors as not to expose them to other infections. Please open your heart and give him a chance to show you it is what is in his heart and yours that counts.

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