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Chico 65113

Date Available for Adoption: 07-10-2024

I am a 2 year old, Male, Labrador Mix.

Welcome to the super dome!
Was that super or supper? Yum sign me yup for both.
Extra supper please and I’ve got all the supers ✅✅ checked.

🦮49 pounds…handsome hunk looking for love.
Not sure about game hunting but I loves games and hunting for treats so I guess game hunting works!
Retrieving is over rated. Chase me is better play.
Voted most likely to work in customer service or as a Walmart greeter. This super Lab Loves everybody!

✅Super skilled at smiling -watch out for those pointy things as I say hi. My teefs can’t stop.
✅Super excited to meet you.
✅Super trainable!
✅Super fine energy for all day play.
🍟Super size those fries and let’s get outta here.
I’ve got training to do and games to play and treats to hunt.
I’ve got jumping beans packed and my lickity licks ready.
Just a little help with my hocus pocus to focus and I’ll be golden…..
Wait I thought I was in the lab? Good as gold? You bet. That’s better.

Things I’m working on.
✅ Sit. yes. Got it.
❓Down? Only after a super supper and I fall over.
❓Laughing while jumping. (apparently not something hoomans like)
❓Licking enthusiastically with accidental teeth. (also, not popular)

Ok I have a few manners to work on. But I really try to be a good boy. But it’s hard when I’m so full of wiggles to get out. Maybe you could help me control my exploding wiggles. I know I can go from goodest to bestest boy in no time!
👍✅ animals…if they can handle my energy and smiling habits.
I Will probably do better with hoomans with height so they can jump like me (recommending 12 plus years old) with the understanding that the jumping is part of his self directed exercise program right now and may need leash restrictions in the house to correct.

🦮Labradors thrive in company and adore extra attention and playing games with their owners.
🦮Many Labradors are happiest when they have something to gnaw on, so dog-safe chew toys are a great investment.
With TLC -training love and commitment this athlete will be your best friend to adventure with!
Stop by and get your Free licks and fill out that Chico app before he picks a new best friend. You don’t want to miss out on this handsome guy😎


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