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Darla 64908

Date Available for Adoption: 06-16-2024

I am a 4 year old, Female, Pit Bull mix.

**Darla is in a foster home but can be easily brought into the shelter. Please give us a call to inquire about meeting her. We promise her love will be worth that small bit of extra effort! Dogs that are in foster homes have the advantage of already having some home training and having an easier transition to their forever home.**

Darla is a darling girl. We have so many heartbreaking stories to tell here at HSWC, but her story makes us so glad she has found her way to us. We asked her to tell us about herself and she said she had nothing to say. Can you imagine? Well, We have a lot of great things to say about her!

She has a sweet soul that will move right into your heart the moment you meet her. She has had a difficult life and reacts in fear to being touched quickly. She needs a tall order of TLC to show her how love really works. She trusts fairly quickly when shown kindness and is opening up every day to the volunteers and staff and we all just adore her.

Although she has a timid personality she allows herself to walk with her hooman in unfamiliar places. She checks things out very cautiously. She is not a dog that is going to jump all over you or leap into your arms. But she loves deeply and is quite broken hearted at the moment.

She approaches other animals slowly with caution and respect. She is very young but has not lived life yet as she should. We are so glad she is here with us so we can show her a new life. Would you like to be her hero? There is nothing more satisfying in life that to help a scared animal overcome fear and experience joy. You will gain much more that you give taking on this role as her caregiver and friend.

Basic training will help her become more confident. Taking her beyond her comfort level to parks and on car rides and walking trails will be really good for her. She enjoys experiencing new things even though she does not charge at them. We can see pleasure in her eyes as she learns what life is supposed to be and how hoomans are supposed to treat her.

She comes to us from her only owner. She seems sad and confused.
Here is some info about this lovely girl:
✅House trained. She weighs 67 pounds but needs to lose a few (she’s in a foster home working on her diet)
✅Not reactive to other animals.
✅Previous owner reports good with all ages.
✅Volunteer and staff favorite
✅Knows basic commands. Very easy to walk.
✅Is crate trained.
✅Has Good manners. Very polite.
⚠️Not a fan of getting treatment from vets. Does not like feet or legs touched.💯 fear reactive.
Come out and help discover more about this sweet gal and help us write her story with a happy ending.

Adoption Fee paid by “The Doghouse”

Adoption fee paid

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