Date Available for Adoption: 08-11-2020

Date Rescued: 09-11-2020

I am a 2 year old, Neutered Male Labrador Mix.

Rescue Story:

Hey, I’m Dixon, and I’ve been tossed around a lot over the past several months (at no fault of my own), and I’m desperately seeking some normalcy in my life. I’m looking for an owner who will give me some rules and structure. You see, I’m the kind of dog who needs, as a matter of fact, loves, to be told what to do. I need a leader! I’m a medium energy kind of dog who loves his walks, but I promise to settle in right next to you at night if you give me the right kind of guidance. I’m house trained and I’ve even been to formal training before, just to help me become more balanced, and my trainer used to tell me how smart I am! I’m very affectionate. My shelter humans say I give the best kisses! I’m treat motivated, and I’ll do just about anything for a Pupperoni. I’m selective of my canine friends, so if you have another dog, I’d have to meet them to approve.

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