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Donte 61635

Date Available for Adoption: 08-11-2023

I am a 4 year old, Male, Pit Bull Mix.

Donte is already very popular among the troop of volunteer walkers. He seems to have a mysterious personality much like that modest person you know that reads alot of books and travels the world. His serene manner attracts people. He seems to have interesting stories he is happy to share as you casually walk along together.
Donte is 57 lbs. of gentle easy going mild mannered love. We know he was once loved until the day his owner decided he was no longer wanted. Although we don’t always know why surrenders happen, this one is even more perplexing. You can see the hurt and confusion in his eyes. Our hunch is this handsome fella will be scooped up quickly. He is polite and well behaved. Our hope for him is that his next family will show him forever love.

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