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Funyun 64722

Date Available for Adoption: 06-01-2024

I am a 5 year old, Female, Pit Bull mix.

Hello and pleased to meet you. I’m Funyun! That’s right a fun- youngin! I’m as fun as a bag of you guessed it… Funyuns!
Here’s a bit about me:
My Background:
I have lived my life with my dog Mom and a hooman. Then my mom got taken and my hooman took me to stay at this other place and would come by to visit. Then one day he didn’t come anymore, and I had to leave. So now I’m here. I’m meeting lots of nice hoomans.
🐶 I came in with two younger pups that I stayed with some at the place.
I don’t mind walking by the other yappers here.

🫒I am 63 pounds.
⏳I need some time to learn new things. If someone could be patient with me and help me build my confidence, I will be the best dog.
💡 I am smart and willing to please my hooman.

❎I am not fan of cats. I have had very limited experiences with things beyond the length of my leash. Cats are one of those things I don’t know about and when they make their hissy sound and smack my face I get upset. I would like to find a new home where I can live inside WITHOUT cats.

✅Exploring on my easy medium walks. I have so much to catch up on.
✅Sharing snacks. I’ll let you have the Funyuns. I’ll take the milkbones.
✅Hanging out.
✅Just being with a hooman who loves me.

That’s about it for me. Please come and visit me. It might take a few visit until I really connect with you, I’ve been moved around a bit. I’ll try not to be any trouble for you, give me a chance to love you! I won’t let you down.
👎❌ 🐈‍⬛🙀😿
👎creeky doors make me nervous.

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