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Date Available for Adoption: 01-15-2021

I am a 2 year old, Neutered Male, Pit Bull Mix.

Meet the handsome Graham cracker. He’s an approx 2 year old possible pit/bulldog/dogo Argentino /marshmallow mixed breed. Graham came back to the shelter because our specific instructions with him were not followed. He was also passed around from home to home instead of being returned to us which gave this poor boy no sense of stability.

This boy is a giant baby and loves cuddling. His favorite thing to do is run around, play with basketballs, and any type of toy. Graham is gentle on leash and likes to take his time on his walks, smelling every blade of grass and lifting his leg. He is a mouth breather, which means once he knows you he doesn’t understand the concept of personal space. So if you don’t like hot dog breath in your face you better pass on him. He is also a Cookie Monster and will do anything for a treat, his favorite is Full Moon jerky. Graham has a medium to lower energy level, he loves to go for daily walks, gets the zoomies but then he wants to cuddle with his person.

Graham’s special need is that he is people selective and he will ultimately end up choosing his new forever family/person. He is a pup that will need you to visit more than once in order to build a connection with him. It doesn’t take much for Graham to bond to people he likes and trusts. His new owner would need to be a BIG advocate for him. He is not a dog that’s social with strangers or unfamiliar people at this time and would be more comfortable in a child-free household. His new owner should be dog savvy and set boundaries for Graham. If you’re interested in Graham just because he’s pretty fly for a white dog, that’s not a good enough reason to adopt him. Sorry not sorry.

Graham is interested in other dogs and is dog selective like a majority of our animals. A meet n greet for a future fur sibling would be required.

Graham’s dream is to run around in a fenced in yard, play with his basketball, eat lots of jerky, and cuddle up on the couch after dinner. Graham weighs 65 lbs.


Not good with cats

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