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Rusty 63073

Date Available for Adoption: 06-10-2024

Date Adopted: 07-13-24

I am a 2 year old, Neutered Male, Terrier mix.

Who’s ready for Christmas in June??
We have what you need. Adorable Jingles now known as Rusty is here to bring the spirit of the holidays to HSWC.
He is a Volunteer and staff favorite!
He is a tricky dog to find the perfect home for. He is small, but has alot of energy. He needs to be regarded as a medium dog in a compact size. And don’t dare tell him he is small – he will go the extra mile to prove how big he is!
His favorite thing is toy collecting. Nothing beats a good stuffy.
Rusty has good manners:
✅crate trained
✅very loving
✅no chewing or biting behavior.
✅gets along with dogs.
🐈‍⬛?No experience with cats recently but did test ok with them in December.

Rusty is an energy sponge. He absorbs all the energy from everything around him and that fuels him. He is so adorable but he can’t just be allowed to get away with anything or you will be off to Vegas on a wild ride. He needs a leader that will give him boundaries and exercise.
He does ok with one or two kids, but groups of excited kids get him over stimulated.

He is ready to go on adventures to learn new things. Taking Rusty out to smell new places and walking trails will help him use up some of his energy.
This fun fella will light up your life during the holidays and every day! He has personality plus!

Here are some thoughts from his previous owner:
“Rusty can be very loving. He is however very high energy and anyone who adopts him should be willing to challenge that energy by runs, hiking etc. He does well in his crate while unsupervised. He runs to get his cookie in his crate. He has his own tent with his bed in it. At night he settles down and goes to sleep in my lap. When it’s time to go to bed he goes out to do business and goes right in his bed. He does follow me everywhere and lays by my feet most of the time. He has had a lot of transitions in his short life and is not easily trusting.”
His new family will need to give him some time,consistency and strong leadership so he feels safe. He can also be a bit of a jumper so a secure tall fence would be helpful for him.

It was a difficult decision for Rusty to need a new family. We are hoping to find another great home for him quickly so he can begin his transition. Sometimes the best things are challenging. We know this fella is worth it. We all just love him. If you think you would like an active compact cuddle buddy side kick, come on out and meet Rusty.



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