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Katrina 65211

Date Available for Adoption: 07-06-2024

I am a 2 year old, Spayed Female, Husky Mix.

Katrina has arrived here at HSWC resort lodge for a little R&R. She selected this resort because of the diverse climate and variety of activities offered here. She has been taking advantage of the outdoor cabins, getting in touch with nature and grounding herself. She has found the amenities to be delightful. The volunteers are meeting all her needs, exercise, treats, great bonding with friends. Katrina is not reactive to any of the other attendees. However, the outdoor cats have drawn her attention and she is showing that although she is here chillaxing, she will go from chill to chase very quickly.
She is more well mannered with the indoor resort cats, and will respond to correction more easily. Inside cats hissing will cause her to back up and then she will continue on her way ok. Outside is another story. No barrier is too small for her to try to squeeze into to continue the chase. Redirecting her attention outside is very challenging.
Beyond all of that Katrina is a delightful walker. She enjoys taking in all the sights: Watching all the participants goof around the splash zone. Greeting the other walkers with pleasant manners.
She loves being outdoors. Once her activities conclude she is happy to recline in her indoor bungalow directly across from her new crush Ridgely.
Also crushing on one of the other long fur breeds Kanook. She gets a little swagger going when she prances by his door.
Come and visit this charming lady while she is still in vaca mode here at HSWC.

โœ…๐Ÿ  housetrained.
๐Ÿˆโ“ might depend on the cat and the training.
If Katrina is agreeable to adopting you after her vaca, it would be best if all cats that live inside are separated until the ground rules can be established. Training her to “leave it” would be in the best interest of the cat. Keeping leash on inside will also help correct any chase or lunging behavior.
If separation is not possible then perhaps Katrina should reside in a cat free zone.
She will be selecting her new roommates soon, she has a great deal of companionship to offer and has a gentle spirit. Please turn in your apps for her interview if you want this wonderful friend as a permanent member of your family.

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