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Koko 60720

Date Available for Adoption: 06-28-2024

I am a 3 year old, Spayed Female, Pit Bull Mix.

🎵 Aruba, Jamaica?
ooh, I wanna take ya…🎵
No need to go to Bermuda, Bahama, or the Florida Keys…
You’ll be falling in love with our KoKoMo right here in the ‘Bury. We have our very own dream vacation doggy. She’s amazing!
I know we say that about ALL of our animals but really…this girl ✅✅✅ gets high marks in all areas from staff and volunteers.
Sometimes we put precautions about our dogs that can jump or be high energy- but no need with this sweetheart.

Here are the highlights:
KoKoMo or KoKo as her friends call her is….

Very easy to walk.
Medium(low) energy right now as this is a new place for her.

Well mannered getting her shots and intake meds.

🌴❤️🌴❤️🌴❤️ She has a sweet personality:
Reserved and cautious but will get right to wigglebutt mode in 2.2 minutes.
She is not a dog that is showing us she will run to meet new people and jump in your lap though. If you want a rambunctious clown this is NOT your girl.

Nice Manners.
Respectful of your space and would probably like others to respect hers. May not be courageous to roll around and do zoomies right now with the kids. Going slowly with all things new will be the best way for her to feel safe and secure to open up.

Boundaries are a timid dog’s best friend. Crate space will allow them to feel safe.
Owner left her behind when moving💔😭

Moving forward:
KoKoMo would like to interview candidates for her new Mom and Dad asap. She’s has a small polite list of requests:
🐾 Nice easy walks.
🦴 Consistent food, water and snacks.
🧸 A few toys to cuddle and learn to goof around with.
⏰ Time to adjust to the new new everything.

Seems indifferent & uninterested in those yowling howlers in the kennels next door.
Not sure she digs all that jumping and splashing around they do.
Meeting a calm small dog might be in her future.
More interested in checking out all the smells in the lunchroom than interacting with the large catlike object blocking the door. She will politely tip toe around the grouchy feline to eat a yummy treat waiting in the hands of her volunteer friend. Also not really interested in the volunteer friend right now. So many new things to process.
But just below the confused surface is a wonderful best friend waiting for her heart to heal and bond with a new hooman that deserves her love and loyalty. We cannot say loudly enough  📣COME and GET this sweet girl.
She is just about Pawfect!!
We are often asked for a no pull easy going sweet dog…
Well, here she is !!! Aaaand you don’t have to go to KoKomo 🌴Florida ☀️to get her!
She is waiting patiently for you!

👍Dogs/cats no interest right now.           👍people ok.                                                   👍Easy at the vet.
👍Med-low energy.
👍👍Volunteer/staff favorite.
👍👍Good manners.
⚠️⚠️Go slow with new adventures. Two week transition shutdown recommended.

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