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Levi 65202

Date Available for Adoption: 07-06-2024

I am a 8 year old, Male, Pit Bull Mix.

This is the guy everyone is friends with, always wearing jeans and a T shirt, knows exactly who he is and who he’s not. He’s not part of any particular circle but gets along with all the folks.
Meet Levi! …of course as in Strauss blue jeans!
This guy needs no intro, he is easy-peasy pumpkin squeezey and will charm you with his adorable snorts and grunts.
Sniffing everything. Thoroughly.
Watching all the splashers in the splash zone.
Collecting belly rubs from his fans- yes – he has many fans already.
Motto: stop drop and belly rub.
Challenge: Getting him up after the belly rubs!
✅Easy walker.
✅Ok having feet touched.
✅✅Great personality.
✅Low energy level.
✅Puts everyone at ease with his positive energy: cats, dogs (even the crazies don’t mind Levi.)

Voted best HSWC couch potato!!

Weakness: ❎won’t win the marathon, no running partner here.

When selecting Levi to be your new binge watching popcorn munching buddy, consider how your dog will react to Levi’s vocal opinions. He won’t keep them to himself. If your dog is reactive to such language it might not be a good match.

Levi offers several services included free with his adoption:
1.Companion at all sofa events.
2.Unlimited slobber free Kisses.
3.Daily ear cleaning.
Hours of entertainment-
See items 1-3 above.

When Levi adopts you be prepared for:
Side splitting laughter.
Cheeks cramping from constant smiling.
Short hot weather walks.
Lots of kisses -see #2 above.

One extra thing to know is he needs to be treated for heartworm. Guess his previous parents didn’t realize how real of a threat those pesky mosquitoes are.

Keep in mind with the Olympics coming up, you will need someone to watch with. Levi is your guy to cheer and offer his own commentary.
👍housetrained. Weighs 66 pounds.
👍dogs meh.
👍cats sure.
👍👨‍👩‍👧‍👦lickable ❤️
👍👍belly rubs are the best⭐️

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