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Mullins 64634

Date Available for Adoption: 05-29-2024

I am a 3 year old, Male, Pit Bull Mix.

They call me Mullins or Cedric. Either is fine. I’m an easy going fella. I can be patient to go on my walks. Take those yappers out first. I can hold it. They seem like they are more needy than me. I will be content to wait. I am trained to do sit and give paw and when you ask me to do down, I will give paw. It’s just my dry sense of humor. I know what you want, it’s just funny. You will always shake my paw and smile at me. I’m a stand up guy. I’ll always be there for you like a strong healthy center fielder. I’ll be ready for a quick game of catch, no doubt I’ll make that play. You want to chill- no problem. I go where you want me to, but watch out for my energetic sprints Of surprise after I do my business. I’m an athlete, I like to get my exercise in to keep my 65 pounds in shape. Once we get that done we can have a nap. I do like to get outside to do my business. I can hold it a while but I am neat in my kennel so take me out when you can.
Other animals are no big deal. I’m indifferent. I do find it funny to pee on other dogs if they are not paying attention. Keeps them on their toes if you know what I mean. Cats? Meh. Ok if that’s your thing. I can walk by them just fine. They go their way, I go mine.
I’m not sure how I got here. I was out minding my own business, then boom -Mr all in my stuff telling me I can’t be wandering around. So now I wait for the next big adventure to walk in my life. How about you? You seem like you are just my style…matching socks and a great personality, just like me. How about we go for a drive, grab some hotdogs and watch the game? (Your treat of course and I can’t drive, but I will be able to provide amazing companionship.)
You will never have to watch another game alone!

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