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Pixie 65185

Date Available for Adoption: 07-06-2024

I am a 8 month old, Female, Labrador Retriever.

**Pixie is in a foster home but can be easily brought into the shelter. Please give us a call to inquire about meeting her. We promise her love will be worth that small bit of extra effort! Dogs that are in foster homes have the advantage of already having some home training and having an easier transition to their forever home.**

Pixie is our fabulous pint sized pupper! She has all the puppy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✅
She can be found chilling in her crate, just happy watching the parade of dogs go by. When it’s her turn, she patiently waits for the door to open and politely exits the ride. Fun in the sun awaits and she loves every minute. She bounds and frolics with the other dogos in the next yard. SplishSplash it’s pool time!!
She is a well adjusted puppling. She can entertain herself happily. When recess is over she has a smile for you as she pretends to play keep away, but only joking- she knows come and sit. She is looped easily and returns to her crate without complaining.
She has a light and carefree personality. Very easy to be around. Currently 27 pounds of petite pawfect pupper love.

Good puppy manners.
Polite and fun but not a spazzzz.

❤️Loves everyone. Volunteer favorite!

Good start to training. Highly trainable. Follows her leader well when directions are given.

A little potty training still to go. Should be accomplished without too much trouble as she is smart and responds well to direction. Frequent outings with positive reward for going potty outside following the formula an hour per month of age makes training go quickly.

Animal friendly.
She does not react to any of the dogs walking by her crate.

Pixie’s wish list:
❤️ people to love her
🐾exercise and trainings
💦 puppy pool for splashing fun😃
🐕‍🦺 friends to play with.

We hope Pixie can find her forever family soon that will be dedicated to giving her good exercise, and basic obedience training helping her to become her best self. She has a delightful personality and is very lovable. We are excited for her new family because they will be getting quite a good little companion. Get your apps in quickly. She will be flying out the door like magical Pixie dust. 💫Poof you will miss out on the happiness she has to offer! She is in foster though so you will need to schedule a meet up.

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