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Reese Cup 64635

Date Available for Adoption: 05-31-2024

I am a 2 year old, Female, Pit Bull Mix.

**Reese Cup is in a foster home but can be easily brought into the shelter. Please give us a call to inquire about meeting her. We promise her love will be worth that small bit of extra effort! Dogs that are in foster homes have the advantage of already having some home training and having an easier transition to their forever home.**

Who doesn’t just love a good Reese’s cup?Well, HSWC has their very own sweet treat.

Sweet and petite

Easy walker

Calm personality.

Reese is timid and unsure of what cats are. She will need her leader to introduce new animals slowly so that she has positive encouragement when meeting new friends. Sitting politely when near new friends deserves a sweet treat. (sadly, Reese can’t have the chocolate but yummy chicken should offer a nice reward for meeting new friends)

Sharing a few of her own thoughts:
“They call me Reese, sweetie pie and honey here. Everyone is very nice. I have had a stressful life so far.
I’m not very happy in my kennel here. I like to be somewhere quiet with a people or two. I don’t ask much. I’d like some more food. And those nice blankets are great. I let the people here cut my nails with no drama. They said they were long. I can’t remember if they were ever cut before. I can’t say that has been my favorite part so far. I like all the attention and treats I get much better. I am not a huge fan of other dogs. I can put up with them near me, but for my next gig I think I would rather have only my people around me. And maybe those fuzzy cats. I don’t really care about them.
I have not opened up yet. I’m still a bit nervous here. I like going for easy walks. I like ear scratches and when they talk nice to me. If you come and visit me we can go slow to meet each other. I don’t think I’ve been around this many people or animals before. It’s alot of new stuff for me to handle. I am content to do what you do. I’m not high energy. A walk is just fine, then some nice sofa time and we will be best friends! Come and get me outta here so we can keep each other coming and have sweet treats …like me!”

Update from her Foster Mom:

“She’s learning how to dog, play with toys and getting a taste of the good life in a home. We consider her to be very low energy, prefers to be with her people and Netflix and chill. She is becoming relaxed on car rides and loves drive through stops for chickey nuggies. She has really opened up since leaving the shelter. She has play groups with smaller female dogs and does really well with them. She might be dog selective with larger dogs.”

Dog Selective

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