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Date Available for Adoption: 12-08-2020

I am a 1 year old, Male, Pitbull Mix.

Hey, y’all! My name is Santana, but my nickname is Tanner. I’m looking for an active family who will include me in all their adventures. I’m about a year and a half old, but my foster mom and dad say that I’m ALL PUPPY! I guess it’s because I have a lot of energy and love to bounce around. I’m about 60 lbs, lean and muscular. They say I’m a pit mix, but some people say I might have some boxer and/or great dane in me. I have legs for days!  My hobbies include long walks, bird watching and chasing, playing with my toys, running around my fenced-in backyard (even if it’s just me back there), meeting new people, learning new commands and tricks, collecting baseballs at the local park, playing frisbee ( I want to go pro), and snuggles – lots and lots of snuggles! My foster parents say I can go from 100-0 and back in a second. They say although I have a lot of energy and love being outside, exercising, and going on adventures, I’m also pretty good at knowing when it’s time to calm down and relax. Me and Foster Mom love chillin’ on the couch together binge watching Dexter. Did you know that adult humans have about 1.5 gallons of blood in their body??

I know quite a few commands. They say I’m super smart. I know Sit, Down, and Paw. I’m house and crate trained, and I know the Place Command. I know how to respect thresholds, especially when it comes to my crate. I know that just because Foster Mom or Dad open my crate door, that doesn’t mean I can bust out like a wild man (although that’s what I’d like to do.) I have also learned how to wait patiently for my meals. You can teach me pretty much anything because I am so eager to learn new things; I’m very toy driven. I just want to please my owners.

I need someone who is going to include me as part of the family and give me the physical and mental stimulation I need. I would LOVE to have an owner who would be willing to do some fun training with me like agility, scent work, frisbee toss, or rally obedience. I would for sure be at the head of the class. A fenced-in yard would be super but not required. I sometimes become anxious around other dogs, but I’m very friendly. Introductions to new dogs need to be very slow. I’m working on my manners and getting the socialization I need with other dogs, but everything excites me, and I just want to play, play, play! I’m really just a simple kind of pup who desires to see and experience all this world has to offer. Everything is fresh and exciting to me. My foster parents say I have an enthusiasm for life that’s inspiring! I am happiest when I have the company of my humans. If you want a goofy, comical, fun-loving, energetic, lovable, smart pup to add to your family, pick me – Santana!

Not good with cats House trained

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