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Sheldon 62042

Date Available for Adoption: 09-11-2023

I am a 6 month old, Male, Pit Bull Mix.


This handsome puppy has a few guidelines for his forever home:

1. Don’t even think about sitting in his spot on the sofa…. be prepared for endless licks and loving.
2. He’ll hang out with friends, but only if those friends are willing to do exactly what he wants to do. All the time. No exceptions. Play play and more play.
3. He’s very specific (OK, obsessive) about little things, like food. Are the cheese cubes fresh?
4. He doesn’t drive. So you will need to drive him everywhere.
5. He will most likely make you sign a roommate agreement promising him an endless supply of hotdog spaghetti and milk bones.
6. He likes consistent schedules: Walk, food, play yard, nap, repeat (and hotdogs on Saturdays and Mondays)

Come and meet the brilliant, charming, funny, endearing 40lb puppy Sheldon Cooper!!

Do we even need to say it? Soft puppy, warm puppy, little ball of fur. Happy puppy, sleepy puppy. Lick lick lick.🐾🐾❤️

Sheldon recently lived up to his famous namesake and made a news appearance! Check him out in action here:

Pets on the Plaza: Meet Sheldon



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