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Simon 64332

Date Available for Adoption: 06-26-2024

I am a 6 year old, Neutered Male, German Shepard.

Simon Says we are looking for a special person. Do you know anyone?
This handsome fella has lost his best friend. He has been here at HSWC for a bit trying to acclimate to life without his bff. He is working hard to mend his broken heart. One of our volunteers has been working with him and here is how things play out:

Simon Says: Training Tricks?
✅No problem.
✅Shake PAW 1 or both 😁
🔆Very smart. Highly trainable. Came to HSWC with skills and has been building on the training with the staff.

Simon Says: Walk by the cats and dogs ?
✅ok no problem.
Not showing reactivity right now in this setting. Being a large shepherd, he will most certainly open up more when in a home setting. Precautions should be taken to ensure meetings with other animals are done over several weeks/months to have successful positive imprint. Prey drive may be a
factor to consider. Although no signs at this point of chasing cats or lunging at dogs, we have already started muzzle training with Simon to help give him tools for success in various situations.

❌⚠️Vet fear. Reactive. 😵

Simon Says: Hobbies?
✅Exercise. Nice walks with volunteers and staff. Medium walker. Not a huge puller but will definitely go check out the good smells.
🔆Scent and enrichment games will be beneficial to giving this working dog a job. He loves the “Find it” game. His super power is sniffing out dropsies and fall out treats others have left behind. Challenging him with puzzles where he can use his brain and sniffer will help him use up extra energy and be a happy camper.

📖 Background info:
🔆One owner since puppyhood.
🔆Apartment life.
🔆Good apt. manners. Was housetrained, no inappropriate chewing habits.
(May need refresher course on potty training since he can’t always get out of kennel when he has to go.)
🔆Crate trained.
🔆Previous experience with kids 5 and older. Go slow with introductions.
⛔️ Chicken Allergy, so NO Chicken: Affects Ears and IBS.
🦴Food: Pure Balance dry. Simon weighs 82 pounds.
🐾Behavior: Shy. Can be calm, cool and collected.

As with all of our animals, we strongly advise new owners follow the two week shut down process.
Simon Says we still need to go for walks! All other introductions to his new life should be after two weeks (minimum maybe longer), so he will not be overwhelmed.
Life has been turned upside down and boundaries need to be in place at the beginning of his new life to make him feel safe. Familiarity with German Shepherd breed helpful.
Simon will no doubt be your new very best friend and develop a strong bond, but it may take a few visits for him to warm up.
Please consider saving this beautiful boy and giving him the home he misses so much and the love he needs. You might find you need him too. He will certainly entertain you with his adorable head tilt and remind you of where you left those extra treats in your pocket!

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