Tee Tee28128

Tee Tee-28128

Date Available for Adoption: 01-23-2019

I am a 5 year old, Neutered Male, Domestic Short Hair.

Tee Tee was adopted and returned to the shelter. He current roams the shelter due to some behavioral issues. Tee Tee refuses to use a littler box because he is declawed on all four feet and likely suffers immense pain. He is frequently caught ripping open bags, stealing snacks and knocking over trash cans to get a snack. While Tee Tee is a sweet cat we expect these behaviors to continue if he is adopted into a home. He must live exclusively inside due to the fact that he does not have any claws to protect himself.

Tee Tee is free roaming in the shelter office. Please ask the staff if you would like to meet him.

Special needs Declawed

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