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Titan 63726

Date Available for Adoption: 06-28-2024

I am a 3 year old, Male, Pit Bull Mix.

Hi there,
they call me Titan. The volunteers here consider me an easy going fella and a super cool walking partner.
I arrived here with my Buddy Rocky. We still get to hang out some on walks and beside each other in the play yard.
✅I walk by other dogs ok.
❌😽Those cats can’t be trusted. I’m a no cat guy.
🧹I’m neat in my kennel. I try to hold my potty to go outside.
⚖️ They say I’m skinny. 53 pounds. I could use a few good meals.
📖 Background : rough. that’s all I have to say about that.

My goal is to land a new gig pretty soon. I’m trying to put myself out there and smile as much as possible. Rocky said that’s the way to get a new bff. Smile and roll over for belly rubs. Rocky knows. He is charming the socks of those walker people. I hope I can find someone that will give me nice walks and a nice comfy couch. Or a dog bed on the floor is ok. I don’t want to be walking the streets anymore. The ACOs are nice but I’m over that truck ride. I have a nice personality. I’ll do what you like. I’ll even watch the ⚾️Nats if you want. Just so I can be near you.
I can go high speed or low speed. If you want hikes – you bet!
If you want chill-sign me up!

Please come and meet me. I’ve got a lot to share with the right person. I’d like to be someone’s really special friend this time. I won’t ask for much. Some snacks and you time.
I’ve been here before and left and here again. No offense, I don’t want to be here anymore!!
✅sign up here for a loyal and loving new best friend. I won’t leave your side.
Just ask for T (as in I’m more of a Teddy Best than a Titan!)

Not good with cats

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