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Zack 65109

Date Available for Adoption: 07-06-2024

I am a 4 year old, Male, Pit Bull Mix.

Introducing Zack !
No need for sugar in your coffee -this guy is going to sweeten up every part of your life.
In our super sweet ranking system this boy is off the super sweet chart. We are always amazed when dogs come to us from a rather difficult background and have the most wonderful disposition. He has love to give for everyone.
There are not enough words of praise to convey how amazing Zack is. You just have to meet him.

Easy and lovable. Wants to be with his people. Everybody’s friend.

Good with Dogs.

Volunteer/staff favorite.

Takes treats gently.

Neat in his kennel.

Good Genes. Both biological parents were very nice dogs with good manners. Sugar, hold the spice, everything nice.

📖Background :
One owner from puppyhood.
Recently lost his home, his hooman, his dog Mom and dog Dad and doggy friends he lived with through no fault of his own.
He is heartbroken and misses everyone but still has a smile for you.
He is anxious to get out of his kennel and be with you.
He stands at the door and hopes you pick him next for the walk. He’s the kind of dog you go back to before you leave because you know he will want to say goodbye to you and you know you just want to give him one more treat and head scratch. You miss him when you leave. He’s that kind of gentle soul that at leaves an imprint on your heart and you see his big smile in your head as you fall off to sleep. We hope for all our dogs they get great homes but some more than others you want to have steady love that will last and a special hooman that will take care of them. We know you will fall in love with Zack. Hang on to your heart, he is going to steal it in a flash!

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