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Adoption Editor


I just wanted to send pictures of Lucy and show you how great she is doing! She is adjusting well to her new forever home! We often go back to my parents house on Kent Island and she has a huge fenced in backyard to run in. Everything is going great and I am so …

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Moose (formerly Alan) is adjusting well. We are learning that the front door is for humans ONLY, and that the back door is for doggies. Moose learned his name in 2 hours. We are learning to “come” with a hand motion, “inside”, “outside”, and “eat”. The kennel isn’t so scary, but we still don’t like it …

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Just wanted to give everyone an update on how Ragnar (formerly Tamale) is doing. He settled in quite nicely, and his personality has really come out. He’s a playful little guy that also likes to snuggle when he’s tired. His favorite spot to nap is on the top of the couch on top of my …

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We just wanted to give you guys an update on Alex. He is thriving in his new environment! He is happy and loves his forever home. His fur is growing back, but he still loves to prance around in sweaters. He loves laying in his bed…he has one in every room! He even has a …

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Salem, previously know as Einstein has been growing up so fast! He loves the lazer pointer and playing with toys. He has so much energy! He sleeps on my pillow above my head every night. He is now on blue buffalo as his food brand. He follows me everywhere I go. For some reasons, bathrooms …

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