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I recently adopted Molly a few weeks ago. I just wanted to update you and let you know she has fit in perfectly in our home. She was a little shy at first but has made herself at home. We had a bed in the living room for our puggle Frankie that she would never use, but molly has pretty much claimed it and and lays in it whenever we are out there; she looks so comfortable in it.
We did get a crate for her for the first night. We placed the bed in it, she walked in it, checked it out, looked nice, basically saying thanks. But she ended up sleeping in my bed. I guess you could say we gave her a choice, but if we enforced the crate, she would have been happy in it; plenty of space. We also thought about her past home and figured sleeping in the bed with us may just feel so nice to her; we do the same for Frankie. We kept the crate for a week, for when we leave the house, but also found that she was a perfect angel when we would come back (not in the crate). She cries a little bit when we leave but realizes Frankie is there so she is not totally alone. When we come home, she is usually running from the bed in the living room, where she took a nap, to greet us at the door. So we returned the crate.
We are still working on her telling us when she needs to go out, but we usually take them both out regularly throughout the day. If she goes in the house, it is usually our fault for not paying attention to when they last went out. Frankie still has accidents too so we are not worried; we have a carpet cleaner.
We took them to the dog park a couple times and Molly just loves other dogs! So much, in fact, that she has to greet them at the door every time a new dog is coming in, “Hi I’m Molly, welcome to the dog park. Come play with me! 


Thank you so much for allowing Molly to come home with us. She has been an absolute angel and we absolutely LOVE her and do our very best to shower her with the affection she so deserves!


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