I just had to let you know how well things went when I brought Sequoia home yesterday. I let the dogs, who have always lived with cats, sniff him in the carrier for a few seconds when we walked in and then I took him to our family room.  I put up a low 12 inch gate up to keep the dogs out and let him have a space to be in by himself but allowed him to meet the dogs when he was ready.  He explored the living room for a few minutes, found the litter box and then went to the gate where both dogs were sitting watching him.  Sequoia jumped right over and immediately started snuggling with the dogs.  He spent the rest of the evening cuddling with the family, gently playing with my 8 pound cavapoo, and exploring the house.  He eventually settled down with my daughter to sleep.  He is an absolute delight and we are thrilled to have him.