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Vendor Agreement

    Vender Agreement! Community Yard Sale and Market, Saturday, April 2nd 9am-3pm
    Vendors will enter on falcon drive the day of event.
    Your Name/Businesses Name:
    Email Address:
    Business Social Media:
    Full Address:
    Business Phone #
    Cell Phone #:
    Please note that this event is staffed by volunteers. Any disrespect shown to our volunteers will not be tolerated and will result in the vendor not being permitted at future events.
    Application and payment are due to Whitney by March 29th, 2022 by 5:00 pm. Please return ASAP to reserve your space. Payment may be made by mail, in person, or over the phone by calling 410-749-7603. Form and payment are needed on the same day.
    Checks can be made to Humane Society of Wicomico County (HSWC) - please write Yard Sale & Market on memo line. Address your envelope to:
    HSWC-ATTN Whitney Hoffman
    5130 Citation Dr.
    Salisbury, MD 21804
    What will you be selling/vending?
    HSWC is hosting the Community Yard Sale and Market, to occur at 5130 Citation Drive Salisbury, MD 21804 on April 2nd, 2022 beginning at 9 a.m. and concluding at 3 p.m. Whereas, the vendor has paid the host the sum of $15.00 for individual yard sale seller or $20 for a business or crafter to vend/sell/display/represent as indicated above at and during said event, the parties agree as follows:
    1. Vender agrees to treat all HSWC employees and volunteers with respect.
    2. Vendor shall have access to location assigned by host no more than two hours before the event start time for the purpose of setting up vendor’s station, good, and other things necessary and reasonable to vend at the location.
    3. Spaces are first come, first served and parking spaces will be utilized. Vehicle parking can be found on Citation Drive and Crosswind Dr.
    4. Vendor shall be responsible for providing table, chairs, and cover for their space.
    5. Vendor shall not vend any goods or services other than those described herein at and during the event.
    6. Vendor may not sublet any of their assigned space.
    7. Vendor’s station shall be no larger than 15 x 10 or taller than 8 ft. It shall be clean and orderly and comply with all laws and regulations.
    8. Vendor is responsible for any and all licenses, permits, inspection fees, collection of taxes, etc. as required by law.
    9. No loud music, noise, or sound amplification devices shall be used by vendor’s staff at the event.
    10. Vendor shall have access to the location for one hour after the event’s conclusion to clean up and remove all materials from their location. Vendor shall remove all trash and leave area in condition is was before vendor occupied it.
    11. Vendors or vendor’s staff shall be clothed in neat and orderly fashion and conduct themselves in a professional manner during the event.
    12. Vendor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Host and any of the Host’s representatives against any damages or claims that may arise in connection with the vendor’s presence at the event and any of the vendor’s activities of any kind.
    13. The vendor acknowledges that the vendor fee is non-refundable and serves as a fundraiser for HSWC.
    14. Vendors are not permitted to bring their pets.
    15. All attempts will be made to have the event rain or shine. In the event of extreme weather, the rain date will be 4/16. Event is subject to be rescheduled due to Covid-19 statistics and executive orders. Social distancing is required. Please be prepared to wear a mask.
    Direct any questions or inquiries to Whitney at [email protected] or 410-749-7603.
    In witness to this agreement and to the terms herein stated, the parties affix their signatures below.
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