Spay/Neuter Clinic

Clinic is operated by appointment only and will be posted on our social media pages.

Call 410-749-7603 to check appointment availability.

Our staff veterinarians or medical staff will advise if we can not perform the surgeries due to medical conditions.  This is for the health and safety of your animal.  We are NOT a full service animal hospital.  We may not be able to advise this until the pre-operation evaluation of your animal.  Please advise staff when you call for your appointment if your animal has any existing medical conditions. Certain pure bred animals are prone to genetic and medical issues that would preclude them from having surgery at our clinic. Our medical staff will evaluate these on a case by case basis.

Drop off time is scheduled in the am and pick up time is  scheduled in the pm on your appointment day.

We ask you be prompt for both times.  Once we have started our pre-operation procedures, we can not accept any more animals in the clinic for safety and sterile conditions.

All animals must be restrained and contained when dropping off or picking up.  Dogs must be on a leash with collar or harness.  Cats must be in an appropriate size carrier or trap. Please make sure your carrier is big enough for the animal to be comfortable.

Payments are CASH, CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD ONLY and due upon pick-up of the animals.  We DO NOT accept CHECKS for clinic payments.  If for any reason, you do not pick up your animal on the day of surgery, you will be charged for overnight boarding.

On the night before surgery, DO NOT allow your animal to eat food or treats nor drink water after midnight.  This is for the health and safety of your animal as they will be given medications for sedation and we do not want them to vomit food or water while they are sedated.


Minimum age: 4 months

Maximum age: 7 years

Minimum weight: 10 lbs

Maximum weight: (Male) Based on Vet restrictions.

Maximum weight: (Female)Based on Vet restrictions.


10-30 lbs $130

        31-50 lbs $150


10-30 lbs $150

30-50 lbs $170


Minimum age: 4 months

Maximum age: 7 years

Male: $60

Female: $75

Rabies Vaccination: $15

If your pet has a current rabies vaccination you must bring in the rabies certificate the day of surgery. If your pet does not have a current rabies vaccination they are required to receive one the day of surgery.

According to the National Humane Education Society
One unspayed female cat and her mate and all off-spring, producing just two litters per year with only 2.8 surviving kittens per year
1 YEAR= 12 cats
2 YEARS= 67 cats
3 YEARS= 367 cats
4 YEARS= 2,107 cats
5 YEARS= 11,801 cats