A Round of A Paws

Thank you for all your donations.
Here are some special donations we have received.

Kara’s Birthday Donations

Grady N., Kara T., and Jorja N. brought by donations for Kara’s birthday! Thank you so much for helping our pets.

Hannah’s Humane Campaign

Hannah A. came by this morning with a truck full of donations as part of Hannah’s Humane Campaign. She set up a donation bin at Johnson’s Seed & Feed and her parents matched the donations! We are honored that she chose to help the animals in our care.

Ashley and Leah R.

Ashley and Leah R. asked for donations for our pets for their 10th birthday! They stopped by recently with two cart fulls of goodies and monetary donations too! The treats and toys will be loved by the pets while staff appreciates the sheets and cleaning supplies.

Eliana G.

Thank you Eliana G. for bringing by some awesome goodies for our pets!

Riley G.

Riley G. collected donations for the National Junior Honor Society to help our pets.


Thank you


Recently we asked for donations of wet food for our dogs and were overwhelmed with the response we received! Our cabinets are full, the closets are overflowing and we’ve begun to store wet food all over the shelter. Our pups will be pleased as pie for months to come.

2018 Cause for Paws

Thank you to all of the walkers, runners, vendors and sponsors who braved the weather and joined us for our 24th annual event! Although the weather caused us to reschedule and relocate we were pleased to have everyone come out and help us help the animals.

Portrait Fundraiser


The students pictured along with 11 seniors graduating from James M. Bennett High School raised $225 for us by drawing charcoal portraits of teacher’s pets. Check out this video of how awesome their drawings are! #ClippersChooseLove

Raffle Fundraiser Donations


Mrs. Weimer’s seventh grade class at Salisbury Middle School held a raffle fundraiser to help our shelter pets. The group raised over $2,300 and purchased some much needed supplies to help us keep the animals in our care safe, healthy and happy including several new aluminum Kuranda beds. In celebration of the fundraisers success the group visited the shelter and learned about how we operate, the importance of spaying and neutering pets and responsible pet ownership. To add to the fun and excitement of the day, the students stuffed Kong toys, walked dogs, socialized cats and signed one of the donated Kuranda beds.

We are humbled/in awe/grateful for their donation and the animal will benefit from their donations for years to come.

Ka’mya D.

We’re so lucky that Ka’mya D. asked for birthday donations for our animals instead of herself. The animals are gonna love all of the new goodies!

Emma’s Birthday

Emma D. is a super star and asked for donations in lieu of gifts for her birthday. We appreciate her thoughtfulness and the animals are sure to enjoy all of the food, treats and toys!

Kindness Club

The Kindness Club at Mardela High School recently held a donation drive for our shelter pets. Thank you so much.

Olivia P.

Little Miss Delmarva Princess, Olivia P., stopped by today with a donation from her fundraiser! Thank you Olivia for your generosity!

Mason H.

Mason H. has done it again! For his 100th day of school project he raised $1,000 and purchased 670 KONG toys for the dogs here and at Worcester County Humane Society. We are so humbled by his continued support of our shelter pets!

Salisbury University SGA

Thank you to Jill S., Jennifer G. and Kassidy R. who brought by donations from the Fill the Square event hosted by the Salisbury University Student Government Association.

Ava and Ella T.

Thank you to Ava and Ella T. who decided that instead of receiving Christmas presents, they wanted to donate to the shelter animals in need!

Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club

Bev Horner stopped by with a truck load of donations from the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club annual fudge raffle. We’re so thankful for their support!

Brodie B.

For the sixth year in a row Brodie B. donated gifts to our pets for her birthday. Thank you for giving back while celebrating your special day!

Black Friday Donations

Thank you to John S., Tara M., Van S., Olivia S. and Phoebe S. for braving the Black Friday crowds, scoring some awesome deals and donating their loot to our shelter pets!

Birthday Donation

Janelle S. and Rhonda S. stopped by the shelter today to drop off donations for Rhonda’s birthday. Thank you for thinking of us on your special day!

Kasey’s Birthday

Kasey K. was kind enough to donate a goodie box for our pets on her birthday! Thank you for thinking of us.

Wicomico High School

Thank you to the National Honor Society and Student Government Association at Wicomico High School for teaming up and collecting donations. Maddie White, representing the NHS, and Jung Oh, representing the SGA, are holding hand tied blankets the animals will love!