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Dogs and Puppies

Are you ready to adopt?

Many of our animals that come to us came from unstable or neglectful living environments. These animals need the time, love, and care of their new adopter and for their adopter to be patient throughout the process. Adopting an animal does help our shelter, but we want you to be fully prepared for the big lifestyle change it will be on your family.

  • You must be at least 21 years old to adopt one of our pets. We do not adopt to anyone in student housing.
  • Are you willing to be patient and fair with your newly adopted animal?
  • Are you ready to be responsible for the animal physically, emotionally, and financially?
  • Are you willing to consult local trainers if there are behavioral issues?
  • Are you willing to work through issues that may arise with your current pets?

Adoption Fees:

Sponsor Pet
These pets may be set at a higher price to offset the expense of a long stay with us, the need to bring in a different vet, or a medical evaluation that cannot be done in our shelter.
Puppy (0-12 months)$200
Adults (1-5 years)$175
Seniors (6+ years)$85


You can fill out the Dog Adoption Application using this link here! No need to print it out and fax/email it in!

It takes up to 24 hours to process an application in email or in person- please keep in mind we are closed Sunday and Monday. We will then schedule a time for you to visit the pet to make sure it is a good fit for you and your family.

**If you have copies of your current pet’s up-to-date rabies certificate, please email photo copies of them to [email protected] with your name and the animal that you’re applying for. We have to verify records through vets, and if you have your own copies, this will speed the process up and allow us to process your app quicker!**

Applications can also be printed and filled out at home, and returned to us via email. Just take a picture of your completed application and send it to [email protected]

WicomicoDogApp2020final (PDF File)

If you’re having trouble picking a dog, our staff/volunteers can assist you with finding a good match for your family and lifestyle. All of the people living in your home will have to come and visit before final application approval is given. If you are adopting a dog, all other dogs in your home will have to come in for a meet and greet supervised by our kennel staff to ensure it’s safe to introduce another dog to your resident pets. Do not bring your animals into our shelter to meet our pets without the supervision of our staff! An application is no guarantee of approval and an approved application is no guarantee on any specific dog. The safety of our dogs and our adopters is a priority for our organization. Our staff knows the personality of all the dogs. If we feel the dog that you chose is not the best option, we will do our best to recommend another option that would be a better match.

Our website reflects the animals currently available for adoption. We have several other animals under our care who are not available at this time.

Additional Information is available about each dog if you select their photo below.

Please consider adopting a dog who has been here for an extended period of time. We have some dogs who have sadly been here for over a year!

A star (*) indicates that the dog’s adoption fee has been paid for. Here are our current dogs and their dates they came into the shelter:

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