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As an organization, we have made so many positive changes over the past couple years

Our Progress

As an organization, we have made so many positive changes over the past couple years. We have built important relationships in our community. We’ve found the perfect homes for hundreds of animals and performed thousands of low cost spay/neuter surgeries to control the population of unwanted animals leading to neglect, abandonment or suffering of the pets we hold dear to us.

2020 Outcomes

We strive to have no-kill statistics, but unfortunately it can’t be unattainable as an open-admission shelter with an Animal Control Division. We cannot allow an animal to suffer or adopt out a pet that shows severe signs of aggression our staff and trainers cannot work with. Here is how 2020 looked for us:

Live Release Rate: 85%


In 2020, we had 2,068 animals come through our doors – 734 dogs and 1,334 cats.


907 animals found their forever homes through our shelter – 441 dogs and 466 cats.


Sometimes we will transfer an animal to rescue organizations if they have health problems, can’t handle the stress of long-term kenneling, or aren’t getting exposure at our facility. Last year, we transferred 46 dogs and 495 cats.


Between Animal Control and pets brought in by Good Samaritans, we reunited 259 pets with their owners – 223 dogs and 36 cats.


2020 was a huge year for our foster program! We DOUBLED the number of animals we placed in foster homes (and then some.)

Last year, 410 pets went to foster homes before being adopted from our shelter.  In 2019, only 197 were placed in foster.