We are always looking for foster families to help us provide care for animals outside of a shelter environment. As a foster, you can choose if you’d like to take a litter of bottle baby kittens, rehab a pup, or even take a dog for a field trip out of the kennel for a day!

If you are looking for pet but aren’t 100% ready for a lifetime commitment, the temporary element of fostering may be perfect for you. 

Sometimes we will send a dog into a foster home for additional training. Information on training can be found here.

If you are fostering, HSWC must be advised of any medical concerns as they are still our property. If you consult your own vet without permission from our staff, you are in violation of the agreement and you will not be reimbursed for any treatment. However, if an accident or incident occurs while under your care (example: you let a dog off-leash and it gets attacked by another dog,) you will be financially responsible. 

If your foster application is approved, you will be contacted when opportunities arise. 

Ready to become a foster? Find our application here and return it to [email protected] 

Foster to Adopt

We also offer a foster to adopt option where you can take the pet home to see if they are a good fit for you and your family. During a foster to adopt, the animal is still property of the humane society and foster rules apply until you come back to finalize the adoption. No adoption fees are due until finalization. If you find the pet not the best fit for your home, please call us to schedule a time to return the animal. For the well being of our pets and our clients, we want to find the right match.