Humane Society Office: 410-749-7603

Wicomico County Animal Control: 410-749-1070

Salisbury City Animal Control: 410-548-3165


Volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization.

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our organization. We appreciate all of the kind souls who offer their time to help with our animals! Our largest volunteer need is help walking dogs. The more time dogs spend outside the kennels, the better! A kennel environment can be highly stressful. If you’d like to be a volunteer dog walker, all you need to do is come to the shelter Tuesday-Friday 11:30-4:30 or Saturday 11:30-3:30, sign in on the table outside, and our staff will bring you out the next dog who needs to go out. Our dogs also love to go out on day trips anytime during our animal visitation hours (we will provide you with a bag of supplies, a list of rules, and places you can go). Especially in the summer time when they don’t need long walks or they’ll overheat, even just a nice ride in the AC out and about is so great for our pups!

Besides staff and certain volunteers, no one is currently permitted to go back to the dog kennels, but anyone is able to go into our cat rooms. Our cats really benefit from the socialization, so please come on out and give them brushes, pets, and play time!

We require our volunteers to follow all instructions they may receive in regards to an animal. If you fail to do so, you may no longer be permitted to volunteer at our shelter. Any instructions given are for the health and safety of both you and our animals.

We can also always use help with dishes, laundry, cleaning, etc. – if you’d like to get signed up to get on our calendar, please give us a call and we will greatly appreciate your help.

You may also choose to volunteer at an event on or off premise. If you would like to help at adoption or fundraising events, please contact Whitney, our Event Coordinator, at 410-749-7603 or [email protected].

Due to liability issues, we require volunteers to be 18 or older. Minors may accompany dog walkers as long as a parent or guardian holds the leash.

We do not sign off on student learning hours for anything at the shelter, but if your child would like to help make a difference, they are more than welcome to complete a product off premise. Examples would be collecting donations, organizing a supply drive, making dog treats, or crafting toys for the cats. Parents are responsible for keeping track of the hours, and once the final products/service are completed, then we will sign off.

If you need community service hours, please contact Kim Nock at [email protected] with a brief description and your name/number.