Humane Society Office: 410-749-7603

Wicomico County Animal Control: 410-749-1070

Salisbury City Animal Control: 410-548-3165

Food Bank, Vaccines, and Trap Rental

Food Bank

We have a food bank for Wicomico County pet owners in need of assistance feeding their pets. Our bank includes various brands of dry dog and cat food, kitty litter, and sometimes small animal food. To sign up, we require you to fill out a short form and provide a rabies certificate for each animal you need food for. Fill this form out right here! Please call with your needs before you pick up so we can have your items available for you upon arrival.


Our shelter vet does walk-in Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines Tuesday-Friday between 1-3 pm. Please call us the day you’d like to come to ensure there is time for us to accommodate you. Please note that our vet fits walk-ins in between surgeries so you may have a wait of up to an hour depending on when you arrive. Distemper and Bordetella are $15. Rabies is

Trap Rental

Wicomico County Animal Control will not trap cats. The Humane Society has traps available for rent to those who have free-roaming cats causing issues around their homes. By providing traps, we are able to reduce the number of unwanted or feral felines in our community or help reunite a lost cat with its owner. To rent a trap, we require a $50 refundable cash deposit. The deposit will be refunded when we are returned the trap. Contact us if you need to spay or neuter the cats.