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Breezy Bug 63375

Date Available for Adoption: 01-19-2024

I am a 9 year old, Spayed Female, Pit Bull/Boxer Mix.

Date in Shelter: 1/2/24

Breezy Bugs is another one of our Golden Girls. She channels her inner Dorothy character aka Bea Arthur and is ready with a wise crack when you walk by her kennel. If you dare not take her out, you better be ready to hear some jibber jabber from her.

Just like Dorothy she has had ups and downs in her life. She came to HSWC emaciated, thought to be wandering on her own for a while. She now weighs 52 pounds and can still gain more to be her best self. It doesn’t seem like she has had a good home, but she is spunky and spirited and ready to make the best of any situation. She walks well, seems to mingle in social situations well.

She likes things her way and loves treats. She needs to be in a loving and patient home. Ages 10+ for homes with kids. With young people that know how to give a dog space and not interfere during mealtime or snacks. Breezy has not had a steady flow of food in her life so she will always be anxious to gobble those yummy treats. New friends need to be aware that since coming to HSWC the staff and volunteers have been walking by her kennel and giving her treats through the gate. Be cautious with hands coming toward her face because she now expects those fingers to have treats in them.

She is well mannered and is looking for love in all the right places now!! Hopefully with a comfy dog bed and an all-day buffet. She is a beautiful girl who has lots of life left to live and needs a companion to enjoy things with. She does not need a long walk. She is quick to get her potty done and circle on back inside to her comfy bunk. Ready to enjoy popcorn and a Golden Girls marathon and snuggle up to her forever person.

Her heart is true, she’s a pal and a confidant. Come and visit her and you will see she will tell you thank you for being a friend.

Adoption fee paid Not good with cats Dog Selective

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