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Pumpkin 63461

Date Available for Adoption: 01-20-2024

I am a 2 year old, Spayed Female, Pit Bull Mix.

Pumpkins’ New Year’s resolution ?….no more punkin pies!! We don’t know where she spent the holidays… But they must have had a yummy buffet.
71 pounds? What the what??
She’s set her goal: 2024 will be the year to get in shape and start an exciting exercise program. She’s determined to get her figure back.
Who can help her??
📞Calling all dedicated and self-disciplined pet owners that will be willing to help this girl get in shape!!
Her ideal weight would be between 50-60 pounds.
She is a beautiful girl and is very friendly. She has a lot to say to you if you try to walk by her kennel without looking at her or taking her out. She will let you know she needs you. If you explain to her that you are on an errand and will be back, she understands.
She has nice manners and walks well.
Here are some comments from her fans:
“Pumpkin was my favorite walk of the day. She’s fun and happy and loves people.”

“She’s a nice dog, a little barky at her kennel door but calms down once she’s out.”
Kennel staff
Animal behaviorist

She is very excitable and a lot of fun. She will need her new family to help her channel her excitement and be her best self. Her level of excitement might be a lot for other animals to handle, so meet and greets would be necessary to determine if she can do well with siblings.
She is a very active, joyful, and playful girl looking for her new family that will love her forever. We aren’t sure why her tail was DOCKED or why she is overweight, but we want to get her healthy and give her the best life possible. Please check her out. She will cheer up the gloomy weather and sweeten your day!

Adoption fee paid

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