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Burton 63559

Date Available for Adoption: 04-21-2024

I am a 2 year old, Male, Pit Bull Mix.

Burton is a puppies-puppy. Although he is aged at around 2 years old, he seems to be a late bloomer.
He is fun loving, care free and loving of all creatures. He is excited by life and every moment is an adventure. His enthusiasm is contagious. He came in at a sad 48 lbs, and after enjoying his stay with the lovely staff and volunteers, he’s up to a perfect 62 lbs.

He walks up the kennel row stopping at every kennel to say hello in the most polite way: 🐾🐾🐾🐾
“Hello, they call me Burrrrrton. They say I’m a member of the Skellington club. Watz ur call sign?”

Mr Burton is house trained and gets anxious to get outside to potty. He knows “sit”. And is very engaging on the walks with his hooman friends. He is neat in his kennel and enjoys his accommodations .
He seems to want to be around people and dogs all the time. He might be a good candidate to be your dog’s bff sibling. A meet and greet would be necessary to determine if his energy would be compatible with your dog. Because he is still in puppy mode, he will need training to channel his excitement. He wants to please his hooman, so training with treats should be a breeze.

Walks well with volunteers

Sweet bubbly personality


Compatible with other animals


Adoption fee paid

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