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Heathcliff 62585

Date Available for Adoption: 04-11-2024

I am a 4.5 year old, Neutered Male, Pit Bull Mix.

Heavenly HeathCliFF is a real dream. Well….once he gets out of the kennel. He is not a fan of strangers staring at him in his kennel. But once he is by your side, it is smooth sailing. He has the most beautiful combination of brown colored Merle patterns and the most soulful eyes that reach right into your heart. He seems to have been a tie out dog based on his pattern of walking to the end of the leash and stopping.
He has very polite leash manners and checks in often to give you a smile and sometimes a kiss. He came to us underweight and seems to have had rather irregular feeding sessions in his previous situation. He is conducting interviews for his furever family. Please stop by and meet him. Here are some of his terms and conditions 🤣
1. Please feed often.
2. Looking for love♥️💙💖
3. Likes to go for walks. Willing to wear outfits if prizes are involved.
4. Please give treats…. Any size, shape, flavor, texture or brand. Not picky.
5. Please give nice blanket. Pillow optional.
6. My own space…crate with a privacy curtain so people don’t stare at me would be nice.
7. No returns please, I’m scared to get moved again.
8. Would like to learn some things the other kids know. down, and show your belly for a treat please.
9. Did I already say food? Well, more food then please.
10. Something called field trips. Sounds interesting.
Thank you for coming to the interview. Once you fill out my app I’ll contact you soon.

Update from his second home. Adopted and returned. Seemed uneasy with inconsistent schedules and kids in and out of the house. Currently 72 pounds.
♥️He’s the best best friend you could have. ♥️He’s very loyal and loving.
❌👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦He would do best with someone that doesn’t have a lot of people in and out of the house.
💙He does well with a consistent and calm schedule.
♥️He’s very protective of his people.
💙He easily learns new tricks and knows paw, sit, leave it, let’s go.
❌🐶Is not a fan of barking dogs in his face.
♥️Very treat motivated.
❌👋He doesn’t like quick movements or excitement.
💙He loves to snuggle and will lay right on you.


Adoption fee paid Not good with children House trained

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