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Kimbrel 64089

Date Available for Adoption: 04-25-2024

I am a 1 year old, Male, Pit Bull Mix.

**ADOPTION FEE PAID! Thank you, Jennifer and Mark H!**

Here’s Kimbrel!
He is an All-Star, Reliever of the Year, and an all around world class champion.
🧡🖤 this kid loves action. But he is also quite the love bug. Another volunteer favorite- here are his stats:

🩶 🩶🩶🩶
👍friendly with dogs his size.
He might be too intense for Small dogs and cats.
Meet and greets are required to determine if he will do well in a home with other dogs.

👍Kids and people are his thing. He loves everyone he meets.

👍Trainable. He Knows sit, paw, working on Leave it. Treat motivated.
He breezed through Spring training

👍Fun loving.
👍He checks in during walks to make sure his person is doing ok.
👍Loves to sit and chill.

Kimbrel is very interested in what’s going on in the neighborhood with all his friends.
He likes to get in the game and check out all the action for himself. He’s no couch potato or side liner. He gets all tangled up in every adventure he can. He is a 66 pound puppy who has only previously been used for breeding and not given proper boundaries. He longs to be appreciated for his mind. He loves training. Basic obedience training would be great for him to be able to use his brain.
He is a handsome fella that walks easily with his person.
Did I mention he’s gorgeous? Dreamy eyes, long athletic legs, ALL the ladies love this guy! You don’t want to miss this show. He won’t be around long. He will charm his way into your heart🩶


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Adoption fee paid

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