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Leo 64525

Date Available for Adoption: 05-22-2024

I am a 1 year old, Male, Pit Bull Mix.

Leo here. I’ve got a lot on my mind to tell you.
I’m amazing.
Let me break it down.
Gorgeous markings!
I’m the most beautiful light brindle brown, with a regal white collar around my neck with matching nose kiss, white socks and the infamous white tip on my tail. You know that is the universal sign for a great companion! I’m a healthy 56 pounder.

I’m very animated, lively and playful!
I’m Always up for a good time.
Go for a Walk? You bet!
Toss a toy? Ready-set-go!
Sit and chat? ok! but maybe I’ll give you licks and run around a bit.

🦮Other animals? 😻
Well, I’m very excited about life. I like to talk and squeak and squeal to tell you I like you. I’m very vocal when I’m interested in things. I think I want to play with everyone. We will have to see how the other kids take that. I need to be taught how to have boundaries. But I learn quickly, I can be a good boy-but if a cat runs, I might have to chase it. Sitting still cats I can just walk on by.

Personality plus.
I’m not a fan of the inside kennels. I need to be with the people who love me. I need fresh air and sunshine and people. Once I’m out in nature, I’m all about my people. I love to love you and give you my whine of approval and then tell you some jokes. Come and visit me. We can play toys in the play yard or go for a walk. I’m very easy to walk. I am housetrained and neat in my kennel. But I would much rather be with you.

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