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Carmel 64501

Date Available for Adoption: 05-08-2024

I am a 2 year old, Spayed Female, Lab/Spaniel Mix.

They call me Carmel. I am 47 pounds of golden beauty. I’m a fun kid. I’m an adventurer. Very outdoorsy. I like nature and fresh air walks and people are very exciting. I love running free to find people big or small and give them a big hug. No one has taught me things. I’m self taught.
I like me.
❌I don’t think I like cats. If they hiss – I bark and get scared and bark some more.
❌I don’t think I like dogs. Walking by is ok. But face to face I have to defend myself.
I am very new to this place so I’m going to keep to myself until I can figure things out.
The peeps are nice and give me good food. They say I am full grown, and they say I am new to walking on a leash. But I learn quickly. Maybe you and me can hit the open road. Go hiking or to the beach. I’ve never been there. Or anywhere. My lady, she didn’t take me anywhere. Sometimes she would let me out to run. That was fun. I want to experience life and true love.
I’m looking to settle down. But I am ruff. I’ve had to look out for me so I don’t know how to depend on someone else. Maybe you can sit with me and help me connect. It’s all good. I’ll figure something out.
Thanks for stopping by my page. You can ask to meet me and we can have grand adventures together!!

Not good with cats Not good with dogs

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