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Cam 62945

Date Available for Adoption: 12-02-2023

Date Adopted: 04-24-24

I am a 2 year old, Neutered Male, Pit Bull Mix.

Date in Shelter: 11/21/23

A generous donor (Julia Dyer) has paid Cam’s adoption fee.

Cam is one of our very special dogs that reacted quite dramatically to his arrival at HSWC. All dogs go thru stress and each respond differently. Cam was terrified and could not get beyond his fear to even walk with nice volunteers for a few days. When their world is turned upside down we need to give them time to figure things out. Cam is opening up more everyday as he learns to overcome his fear.

He is a handsome gentle fella. You can see on his face he doesn’t know where his people are, he doesn’t underhand why his house is gone. But he is trying. He is just a loving dog. His new family will need to go slow with the transition into another environment. Training will help him overcome fear and be more confident. Dogs need structure to be confident and know where they stand in the pack order and through this pieces they become very content and secure.

Showing Cam you are the leader will allow him to walk tall. Teaching him to sit and give paw will help him use his brain and fulfill his destiny to be worlds greatest dog . These are not hard things to accomplish and he will benefit and blossom through the process. He is going to be a fantastic dog when he is able to show his new family his best self.

Come and get a sneak peak at this gem. Help us to get him there. Because he is developing everyday he is changing right before our eyes.

What we know about him right now:
🐾 It takes a bit of coaxing to get him to come out of his kennel into the barking zone. Walks well once out.
🐾 He is a slow and easy walker right now as he is figuring things out.
🐾 Might not be courageous enough for small children right now.
🐾 He is not reactive to other animals. Seems to like being near other well mannered dogs and walks by cats with casual curiosity.,
🐾 Gentle and sweet personality.
🐾 Quirky and fun zoomies when he feels secure with his person.
🐾 Cam feels secure and safe in his kennel. Crate training will be important to give him his own safe space during the transition into a new home🏠

Adoption fee paid

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