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Wicomico County Animal Control: 410-749-1070

Salisbury City Animal Control: 410-548-3165

Cane – 58086

Date Available for Adoption: 03-16-2023

Date Adopted: 06-30-23

I am a 4.5 year old, Neutered Male, Pit Bull Mix.

**ADOPTION FEE PAID – In memory of Skye Stewart**

Cane is such a good boy! He’s sweet, adorable, smart, and playful – he’s the total package! This loving pup was part of our “PC 8” where 8 dogs were on protective custody hold since October, waiting in limbo for 5 months on a neglect court case. They were stuck in their kennels, unable to do anything except get walked by staff only, until they were finally signed over to us after 5 months. It’s now been 3 months since they’ve been available and everyone has been adopted except for Cane – he’s wondering when it will finally be his turn, because he’s such a good boy!

Cane is such a well-behaved pup, who just wants to please his people and be loved. He’s generally calm and laid back, but once he knows you then he’s all about getting in his kisses and play time. He can sit for you and will be very attentive to your commands once he understands what you want.  He needs his exercise to be a happy roommate, but once he’s gotten his energy out, he’ll be sure to relax and give you all of the cuddles. He is very sweet and desperately wants to find his people that will love him and train him.

He already knows some commands and is so smart and treat motivated that further training should be a breeze for him! He’s dog friendly and although he’s tested ok with our barn cats, slow intros in a home are always necessary. He sure loves his playtime with other dogs though and would do really well in a home with another doggy sibling. 

Cane’s friend that took him out for a day trip said, “He did very good in the car. Loved his walk at Pemberton. Was a very good boy on the boardwalk. Absolutely loved the beach. I have a big fenced in yard, he had quite a fun time freely roaming and sniff sniff sniffing.”

Can you give Cane the forever home he deserves and finally get him out of his kennel after 8 months? He can’t wait to find his family! ❤️

Adoption fee paid

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