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Clay 63984

Date Available for Adoption: 03-26-2024

I am a 3 year old, Neutered Male, DSH.

I can be found in Kitty City.

Clay has made his debut. He came from a home and has some concerns about this new busy life he has been thrown into. We have nicknamed him turtle because his favorite thing to do is hide under his bed. He is super shy still and prefers not to be picked up or disturbed under his shell. We are still going to try him out in our kitty city room so he can have a place to hide out and feel safe until he gets used to being here. We are hopeful someone will give him a chance to get back into a quite home so he can transition for his last time. Until he comes across the right person we will look out for him and give him the time he needs. Please come visit him but we also ask you give him the space he needs to feel safe. He will come out of his shell much faster if he doesn’t feel like he is having all that love we want to give him forced on him. Almost forgot to mention he is a chonk at 15 pounds.

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