Humane Society Office: 410-749-7603

Wicomico County Animal Control: 410-749-1070

Salisbury City Animal Control: 410-548-3165

Coco 63267

Date Available for Adoption: 01-01-2024

I am a 3 year old, Female, Pit Bull Mix.

Coco has spunk, and spirit when you go in her kennel. She is just so happy to see me!! It is a warm and welcoming feeling to have someone that excited to see me.
She calms right down on the walk and walks well by her friends. She likes looking around and checking everyone out. Not a big puller right now. Joyful about life and it’s contagious. This girl has it all…beauty and brains and joy.
Coco channel
Chocolate Coco
All things good are Coco.
Do you know Coco?
You should!!

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