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Diesel 64432

Date Available for Adoption: 05-14-2024

Date Adopted: 06-01-24

I am a 3 month old, Neutered Male, Pit Bull Mix.

The name’s Diesel or Vinny D as my lil sis calls me because she can’t say Diesel good. We are tight. But I’m the leader, obviously. They check in with me and I tells them what to do. We all get along. But sometimes I need my space. They go off and play and I do my own thing. I could use a sidekick to explore the world with. Someone that can show me the ropes and drive. I’d like to drive but they won’t let me yet. If you meet me you will love me. The three of us was born on leap day and we are ready to leap into our own home with our own toys and food. Lots of food. We do like to eat. We are crashing at this place for now but if you call I’ll come over and meet you and we can go to your house and have adventures.
I need to learn things called manners, if you know these things you can teach me and I will be awesome. Don’t take too long thinking it over. Everybody wants young kids like us!
I’m walking tall at 18 pounds!
See ya!
Vinny D


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