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Gardenia 63017

Date Available for Adoption: 12-22-2023

Date Adopted: 04-09-24

I am a 3 year old, Spayed Female, Pit Bull Mix.

Adoption Fee Sponsored by Denise Jones

Date in shelter: 11/29/23


Gardenia wonders where she is but is very thankful for her warm bed inside, good food and an open living space to stretch her legs. She did not have any of that before she came to HSWC.

She is easy to walk and does not really pull. She is content to walk right by your side in her light and bubbly style, she prances and dances right into your heart.

Gardenia’s personality is opening up more and more each day as she slowly learns to trust people and that people can be good.

She walks by cats, checks them out and moves on. Same for dogs at this point. She likes people, and seems desperate to be with them. Attention maybe a new experience for her and she loves it. New introductions to people and situations will need to be done slowly after the two Week shut down transition period after foster or adoption to help her adjust slowly to her new home life.

She has a thin and sleek body style and would not mind sharing some dog friendly goodies to help her add to her 43 pounds.

Gardenia is hoping for a new family that will show her what a loving home is really like. Maybe it’s your love that she needs!

Adoption fee paid

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