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Happy 62705

Date Available for Adoption: 11-03-2023

I am a 1.5 year old, Neutered Male, Pit Bull Mix.

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Date in Shelter: 10/26/23

Happy’s Happy and fun all the time. 😄 He was given his name by the Animal Control Officer who brought him in and walks him regularly. Happy likes to brag to the other dogs that he has an in with management.

He loves walking and sniffing and listens well to strong leaders. Happy needs to work on his leash manners, a few circles and changing directions should cut down on the pulling. He walks well on a training collar. He is easily excitable and would not do well with little dogs or cats, boy are they fun to chase!!

Happy is one of our residents that is desperate to get out of his kennel. He needs more interaction with people and exercise to get all of his wiggles out. He doesn’t like it when his volunteer friends have to leave him in his kennel. The loud busy kennel life keeps him wound up all day. He just wants to relax. He weighs 59 pounds and is a very handsome fella.

Happy’s story is one that breaks our heart. He was left behind, abandoned in a yard with another dog, when his folks moved, but dogs are so forgiving and resilient, can’t nothing bring him down. He has moved on and is ready to devote himself to someone worthy of his love. He’s a blank slate, which makes it a challenge for people to connect with. With time and TLC Happy will open up again and bond with his new best friend who can mold him into the dog they want! Happy is ready to let the good times roll with you!!

Happy has a few favorite volunteers that adore him. They come almost everyday to walk him and work with him. BFF volunteer Cheryl had this to say about Happy:
“He is a strong boy, but not too big. He can pull, but I’m able to handle him. He mostly ignores the bigger dogs. He listens to me. I walk him almost every day. He’s still young and needs training. I always carry a pocket full of treats for training reinforcement. He lets me hook him up very easy, and actually goes by the other dogs really easy. I find it easy to get him in and out of his kennel. He sits for treats and looks to you for direction. He does like to run, so I run with him some. But he also loves to stop and sniff. So, once he gets out and does his business, he is usually a mix of running, stopping and sniffing and sitting for treats. He will sometimes pick up a big stick, or a plastic bottle, or, today he picked up an orange someone discarded and carried it in his mouth like a ball. He makes me laugh.”

Come and spend some time with Happy and take in a few good sniffs. Happy needs you! And maybe you need his happy self in your life too!



Adoption fee paid Not good with cats

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