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Henderson 64274

Date Available for Adoption: 04-25-2024

Date Adopted: 05-24-24

I am a 9 year old, Neutered Male, Pit Bull Mix.

**Henderson is in a foster home, but can be easily brought into the shelter. Please give us a call to inquire about meeting him. We promise his love will be worth that small bit of extra effort! Dogs that are in foster homes have the advantage of already having some home training and having an easier transition to their forever home.**

They call me Henderson. Some hot shot ball player’s name I hear. Seems like an ok call sign. I was hanging out in this field waiting for my people to get back. Not sure why they wanted me to wait there. But I stayed there for a while. Lots of people came by talking to me but I told them I had to stay there. Finally, I was just too tired and hungry, so I started chatting with this lady. Then a fella came with a truck, and we came here to this place. Lots of yappers here but they don’t really bother me. I like it when it gets quiet at night. Good food and yum yum snacks. These people come and hook me up. We walk up the same street every day. They get all excited to see me. They tell me blah blah imagoodboy lots of times and give my head nice scratches. Sometimes they put me in the yard with two yappers beside me, that’s ok. They don’t bother me I don’t bother them. I don’t know if I want them sharing my space. I don’t mind walking past them. I don’t get worked up like some of those yappers, complaining about somebody looking at them or touching their stuff. Doesn’t matter to me. There are these other creatures here too. They have fluff. 😻They’re alright. They have their space, I have mine.
All good. I go for walks with all sorts of people. I hope my people aren’t mad I couldn’t wait for them in that field. The other yappers say I can get new people here. I hope they don’t want me to run and jump. That’s not really my thing. I really like to curl up and nap. Oh except for that outing that made me quite famous. I realized just how much space I needed to squeeze out the car window on a day trip. Then I got scared and it took me a bit to find that guy with the truck that rescued me the first time. Once we made eye contact, I was back in his arms and back with my people though.
So, if you know anyone who might want a nap-loving, easy-going, keep your car windows rolled up, no-big-deal friend….
can you send them my way?
I’m ok for now, but I miss having my own people.
Ps they told me to tell you I weighs 66 Pounds …but I walk like I weighs 12. Nice and easy.🐾🐾🐾🐾

Adoption fee paid

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