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Ivy 62779

Date Available for Adoption: 11-07-2023

I am a 1 year old, Spayed Female, Pit Bull Mix.

Ivy is here spending her puppyhood in the kennels. Her previous owners did not spend much time working with her. Her attention span was not developed and is short but she is very smart, loving and playful.

Ivy is a high energy teenager now. Weighing 50 pounds, she likes to run and be free. She likes to jump for joy. As with most teenagers, she does not like having a boss. She is passionate about all she does. She needs a smart dog family of hoomans to give her boundaries, training and love with a super sized serving of patience on the side. Ivy would do well with an active family. Running? You bet!!
Hiking ?? Sign her up!! Line dancing✅ agility✅ rally✅ she is ready to go!
Once she can stick the landing with a dedicated family who will not give up on her, the possibilities are endless for this happy girl. She has recently been visiting an obedience trainer. She has walked well with her and has shown improvement. She likes to engage with other dogs, but she can be a lot for them to handle. She will probably want to be the boss of other animals and may not tolerate 2nd place. Her forever family will need to be firm with her and consistent with training and they will need to let her know they are in charge and she is not. She may not be suited for first time dog owners as she has a big personality and will need hoomans experienced with high energy dogs to work with her. She is not aggressive just very energetic with all life forms. She is very entertaining to watch. She loves to run around and dive into the play yard pools…even in January! She is tons of fun with a toy, and that can help redirect her attention when she starts getting overly excited.
Reviews from her fan club:
“Ivy is a very smart dog, she has puppy energy.”
Kennel staff and Meet and Greet specialist.
“Ivy has a sweet soul and a great sense of humor. I enjoy spending time with her. She plays hard and loves her toys. She will be a great dog once she can get out of the kennel environment and finish being a puppy in a loving home that will help her be her best self through training.”
Terza (volunteer)
Ivy considers her breed combo to be: part German peppered Dog, part Great Plane, and part Doberman pitcher🤣 check out those ears!!

Adoption fee paid Dog Selective

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