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Jasper 62733

Date Available for Adoption: 11-14-2023

Date Adopted: 12-19-23

I am a 1 year old, Neutered Male, Labrador Mix.

Jasper here…
I’m new and wanted to introduce myself.
This place is awesome.
Everyone is so nice and gives me foods and treats. 🦴🍖🥩
I has a nice blanket and toys too. I get to go for walks sometimes. They tell me I should tell you about myself so I can come to your house to live. I hear Thanksgiving is a big deal. I’m a good guy. I am learning how to walk nice with these peeps. (But I really like to just follow my nose) I haven’t been on leetches to much. I used to just roam about. They say I need to work on something called man-hers. After a little while on the walkie I settle down. I’m just so happy to be outside. They tell me to “sit” and do it ( I don’t really know why). They say I am train-able. I like being with the people. Sometimes I tell jokes and show them my cool moves. They say I’m a fit 60 pounds of lab love… whatever that means. I’d really like to meet the people they say are my new fam-hilly. So I can gets a thanksgiving dinner. Please come and meet me soon.
💙 Love

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